To make a choice in favor of this or that method of contraception is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account a number of factors: effectiveness, safety for a particular patient, the presence and order of side effects, reversibility of the method, non-contraceptive effects, cost and others (for example, social, personal).

Hormonal contraceptives

This method of contraception is shown with regular sexual life with a high frequency of sexual acts. It is necessary to understand that the use of contraceptives requires concentration (the admission of the next pill is undesirable). If there are contraindications to a woman, then you should never start using the drug yourself, at least before consulting a doctor. In addition, hormone pills positively affect the female body. And rumors that hormonal pills are harmful, completely unreasonable.

Intrauterine devices

The second option is the intrauterine device (IUD). The method is indicated at a high frequency of sexual activity. In addition, this method is effective (2-3% failures) and inexpensive. Especially this method is recommended to women after childbirth and abortion. Do not give birth to girls under the age of 20 years, the Navy should not be used. The main advantage of the Navy is their simplicity and cheapness: a woman can not worry about contraception for several years. The IUD is installed by a doctor in the clinic, if there are no contraindications to this.

Unlike hormonal tablets, the IUD does not reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy. The use of the IUD is accompanied by side effects and disadvantages. If the woman of the Navy is unhappy, then it can be extracted at any time. But removal of the IUD is done only in the clinic. On the possibility of getting pregnant in the future, this method of contraception does not affect.

Condoms and spermicides

Spermicides belong to chemical methods. They also protect against diseases that are sexually transmitted. Of course, protection is not absolute. In addition, this method of contraception is quite expensive. Barrier methods can be applied to all. The most acceptable of these is the condom.

Natural Methods

If a woman does not have the opportunity to use contraceptive methods more effectively, the menstrual cycle is regular, and there is no desire to use barrier method of contraception, then natural methods of family planning can be resorted to. The most effective of these is the symptomatic method (only 6% of failures). Natural methods can apply to women of any age category, but after 45 years they are not recommended. Contraindications (except the irregular cycle and post-abortion / postpartum period) for these methods of contraception do not.

Postcoital contraception

The method of emergency contraception after sexual intercourse is recommended for people who have an irregular sexual life. Use postcoital drugs is not allowed more than one case per month. Emergency contraception is also used after rape, if a condom has torn. However, do not forget about the side effects.


This is an irreversible method that is conducted in the clinic. The indication is the probability of having children with congenital pathologies. In women, sterilization is called tubal occlusion, in men – vasectomy. The latter is more preferable.

Lactational amenorrhea

This method is suitable only for women who breastfeed. It is effective for the first six months, if the mother did not resume her period, and she only practices breastfeeding. This method is most useful for the child.