This story began with the fact that a resident of Chicago suffered a stroke as a result of a two-week reception of the most common birth control pills Yasmin produced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer. Over time, she sued a pharmaceutical company and received $ 14 million in compensation from a doctor who prescribed her medicine. The doctor prescribed birth control pills woman did not bother to check the woman for the presence of a predisposition to thrombosis, which later served as the cause of the stroke.

Stroke as a result of taking a contraceptive

The drug was appointed by the doctor 37-year-old Mariola Zapalski in connection with irregular menstruation. For the purpose of this drug, no additional examinations of the woman’s health were performed and after 13 days of taking the pill, she had a stroke. The result of a stroke was complete paralysis of the left side of the body in a woman. After completing the rehabilitation course, Zapalski is still chained to a wheelchair. In addition, her speech function is disrupted, the woman needs constant care, which is why her husband had to leave work and completely devote himself to caring for his wife and her health.

A woman won a $ 14 million lawsuit

In a lawsuit to the doctor who appointed Yasmin, it was stated that the doctor was not considered important to take into account the presence of risk factors for the formation of thrombi in the patient. For women predisposed to thrombosis, usually prescribe a remedy of a similar action, but with a much lowered estrogen hormone, or hormone-only progesterone. As a result of a two-week trial of the case, the court agreed with the plaintiff’s arguments and delivered its own strict verdict. The doctor who prescribed this contraceptive should pay Zal’ski 14 million dollars to compensate for the damage to the woman’s health.

This is not the first case of improper intake of contraceptives on the recommendation of negligent doctors. Earlier there was a case when the court ordered the clinic, where Zalalsky’s attending physician, Resurrection Medical Center, works to pay a woman $ 2.5 million compensation for improperly prescribed birth control medications.

Contraceptives are prohibited in cases of an increased risk of thrombosis

Prohibition of taking contraceptives

To date, very popular in the US, Yasmin (“Yarina”) and another oral contraceptive produced by Bayer, Yaz (“Jess”), contain the hormone estrogen series ethinyl estradiol and synthetic gestagen (steroid hormone) drospirenone. In 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already ordered some changes in the instructions to these and other estrogen-containing drugs warning of an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis.

This story and several other events that happened earlier and led to lawsuits from patients associated with the ill health caused by the reception of Yasmin and Yaz served as an impetus to the fact that Bayer will pay $ 110 million as part of the settlement agreement to 550 women who sued the company. Many women who use the contraceptives of these firms claim that the use of these oral contraceptives caused them heart attacks and strokes that resulted from the formation of clots in the blood.