When choosing contraceptive pills, it is very important to take into account your age, as well as the features of growth and weight. But age, according to many experts, when choosing such a drug one of the most significant roles is assigned.

What contraceptive pills are right for you?

Contraceptive means refer to medicines. Their main goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In addition to the main goals, contraceptive drugs are widely used to cure some gynecological conditions – polycystic ovaries, hyperplasia, endometriosis, endometrial polyps, uterine fibroids,

If you are 16 to 19 years old

You should take drugs with the lowest possible dosage of hormones. These are the so-called microdosed tablets. Such drugs are relatively easy to tolerate a young organism. We can assume the probability of a minimum number of side effects.

If you are from 19 to 45 years old

At the age of nineteen to thirty-five, a woman should take into account her desire to have children in the future. So it makes sense to choose low-dose drugs.

At the age of thirty-six – forty-five years, it is important to pay attention to more powerful drugs, for example, with an average dosage.

If you are more than 45

After forty-five years at a time when a woman comes to a climax, getting pregnant is not only undesirable, but also contraindicated. At this age it is more reasonable to use high-dosage or gestagenic drugs.

What is your phenotype

When choosing contraceptives, consider the female phenotype, which is determined by body weight and height. When the female sex hormones, estrogen, prevail in the body, your not too large growth, a feminine voice, a feminine figure, a magnificent breast will tell about it. A woman of this type is usually quite painful, plentiful, monthly and lasts more than five days. Women with a similar phenotype are more suitable drugs with enhanced gestogenic effect.

The opposite type is also distinguished. For this type, the boyish appearance of the figure is considered characteristic. In this case, we can talk about a sufficiently high content of progesterone in the blood. Tablets should preferably be selected with anti-androgenic effect. However, it is better to determine the phenotype features, taking into account the analysis data, to the level of hormones

Taking into account the individual characteristics

Taking into account the individual characteristics

Most importantly: every woman should be aware of her individuality. What fits one is often not suitable for another. Do not rely on the advice and experience of friends. Even an experienced gynecologist is not the first time you can choose the drug that is best for you, take into account the specific effects of the drug, depending on the factors that make up your life.