mp3 trip-hop
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What you've said about Trip of Hope :

- There is some really excellent stuff on your album and i wish you all the best with it. Greg.

- Oh, yeah, the album sounds real good ! Geren.

- Nice site, very organized. I wish all musicians had quality streaming samples like that. The songs I liked most were Captivity, A Drop In The Ocean, and Lost In Wonder. And others, but those stood out to me. Like usual I'd love to hear every one of those songs with vocals, but your instrumental stuff is well done. PK.

- It sounds fantastic... well done... Murray.

- The changing moods and grooves are hypnotic, trance-like, floating in and out around the listener - Audio transportation - A Trip of Hope. Well done Man. Ron.

- Wow ! Didn't know France got some good trip hop makers ! James B.

- I love your tracks. Very musical. Very educated. I think you will go far. Jerry.

- I'm amazed. Pretty musical. Sasha.

- I listened to the first song. It's not what I write (new country/soft rock), but I really enjoyed it, and you are obviously talented. Don.

- Great great musik. I love it very much. And then I'm out to get your CD. George.

- I listened to all of your tracks, and I think the strongest ones are "Voices of the Moon" and "Powered"; the reggae/dub stuff was probably the best overall on the album. The production was super tight, very well done and crisp throughout the cd. Steve.