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Help to be able to stream mp3

trip hop, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, trip-hop   Mp3 streaming let's you listen to an mp3 tune, like a Real Audio file, without having to download the entire file. This is what's proposed on this web site. When you have chosen a title, your connection type, and mp3 format, you default mp3 player should open and start to "buffer" the song (downloading a little part of the file), and then play directly the mp3.

trip hop, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, trip-hop   It is possible that if it's the first time you try mp3 streaming, Internet Explorer or Netscape ask you to "save" or "open" the file. In this case, choose "open" and browse to find your mp3 player. Uncheck "always ask for this type of file".

trip hop, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, trip-hop   You should check too that m3u files are correctly associated to your mp3 player. For Winamp, e.g, go to Options/Preferences, select File Types and select m3u

trip hop, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, trip-hop   If the stream doesn't work (and you have an mp3 player installed), you should try to use this little application created by, that will configure automaticaly Windows, your web browser and your mp3 player ! It's called Mp3Fix4.5.
If Mp3fix didn't worked or if your OS is Mac or Linux, see below.

trip hop, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, trip-hop   In case you still don't have any sound, the mp3 player doesn't open when you click on "Go!", or that only a browser window open with the name and URL of the mp3 file, go and read our step by step guide pages, to configure your web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) and your mp3 players (Winamp, Windows Media Player etc...).
This will be very usefull too for your future Internet surfing onto musical website sites offering mp3 stream !

1 - Why configuring my web browser and how

2 - Configuring Internet Explorer for Windows
3 - Configuring Netscape for Windows
4 - Configuring Internet Explorer for Mac
5 - Configuring Netscape for Mac
6 - Configuring XMMS and Netscape for Linux

trip hop, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, trip-hop   If the mp3 stream works but there's cut off in the sound, you'll have to adjust the buffers of your mp3 player.

For Winamp, go to Options/Preferences/Plugins/Input and choose and et double-click on "Nullsoft MPEG audio decoder", choose "Streaming" tab and raise the "Streaming Data Buffer" values (try 256) and "Streaming Prebuffer" (get closer to 100 %) until you find the right setup for your computer and connection type.

For RealPlayer, go to View/Preferences/Performance and raise "Playback Performance".

For Windows Media Player, go to View/Options/Advanced, then click on "Change", then in the "Buffering" part, select "Buffer" and raise the "seconds" value (try 7 or 9 seconds).

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